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firefox,thunderbird portable backups failed.

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firefox,thunderbird portable backups failed.

I lost my flash drive with my portable apps.I have backups of portable firefox and portable thunderbird on my desktop hard drive.I was unable to restore settings to new flash drive installation of firefox. Mozbackup failed to restore files.I would like to try and do it manually.I have read different articles on how this is done.I still must be missing something because when i finish,and open the program it still has the original new empty menu bar. not my old one.My question is 1.) after I open the compressed files. which file holds information from menu bar, folders and passwords. 2.) can they be manually swapped or overwritten with/over new installation files. What does the instruction mean about deleting one of the ini. files. Any help will be appreciated. HP G60-235DX Laptop, Windows Vista, Newest firefox portable updated 2014-03-23