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A few suggestions

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A few suggestions

First off, I love the menu. I have used PStart, and I actually like this menu better. Thanks for this very awesome product. I have searched the forum and haven't found any mention of a few things I would like to see in a future release. I realize these could take a while and could already be in development.

1. Addition or removal of folders in the folder list.
a. custom icon for folders

2. Resizable menu.

3. Custom display/ workspace options. (Maybe you can design this to be an add-on to the base install?)
a. background or wallpaper image
b. menu color
c. menu layout (where items are on the menu, minimalist layout)
d. skinable

4. Additional options
a. manually specify font size and color
b. Keyboard support (navagate menu, quick key app launch, etc.)
c. system tray options from right click (exit, eject, launch app, etc.)
d. group support for apps

Ryan McCue
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1), 2) and 3)b are being worked on.
As for the right click options, install Libertà AutoStart and use it with PAM.
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