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FF28 issues

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FF28 issues

I recently updated to Firefox 28, and now addons won't install by clicking the "download" button on the addon pages. In order to install addons now I have to right click on the "download" button, copy link URL, and then paste & enter the link in a new tab. Only then will the addon install.

Additionally, the buttons use to say "Add to Firefox" or something along those lines, along with a green button. Now it's simply "Download" with a blue button. Is that a site change, or due to more recent changes in how Firefox portable sees the pages?

One other thing to note that is concerning me rather strongly, is that Firefox now "forgets" the Window position after the update. I have a large screen, so I always keep Firefox in windowed mode at the top-right of the screen. Normally in this case a window shows the drag window larger or shorter when you mouse-over the top or right of the screen, so to prevent this from happening I've been dragging the Firefox window slightly off the edge of the screen (both top & right sides) as the top is for selecting the window, not dragging it (if I wanted to resize it I'd use the bottom edge) and the right is for rapidly moving to and clicking on the scroll bar. It's nuisance to accidentally resize the window when you actually meant to scroll.

Firefox portable used to remember the window position (even slightly off-screen) after restarting (even after a cold Windows reboot) but since this update it no longer remembers the window position, I always have to drag it slightly up and to the right.