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MultiBit Portable 0.5.17 Dev Test 1

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MultiBit Portable 0.5.17 Dev Test 1

Application: MultiBit
Category: Internet
Description: MultiBit is a secure, lightweight, international Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is:

  • Secure by design - all private keys are kept encrypted on your PortableApps drive
  • Faster to synchronize - usually a minute or so
  • Lighter - the stored data is much smaller (usually a few megabytes)
  • Flexible - multiple wallets allow for a "current account", "savings account", "expenses" etc
  • International - multiple languages (35+ at the last release)
  • Other than the original Bitcoin wallet, MultiBit uses SPV (simplified payment verification), which does not require to download the whole blockchain to handle Bitcoin transactions. This makes MultiBit a perfect candidate to carry your Bitcoin wallet on your portable device using PortbleApps.

    GitHub project page

    Download MultiBit Portable 0.5.17 Development Test 1 [7.9MB download / 9.3MB installed]
    (MD5: 994ed7be9350ca38886cef08f84c6283)

    Note: This beta installer uses the original binary files from You can verify their MD5sums or extract the original installation files into the App\MultiBit directory to be sure. Future versions will contain a download module which fetches the recent version from Since this is a software that manages real money, you should be concerned about it's unaltered origin.There is no warranty on stolen or lost bitcoins, so use it at your own risk.

    Release Notes:

    Development Test 1 (2014-03-31): Initial release

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I've been doing duplicate the same work.

FYI and reference another.
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