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setting up portable thunderbird

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setting up portable thunderbird

I have posted on the mozillazine forums and recieved no joy so perhaps someone here can help.
Links from there to these urls also have provided no joy or assistance:-

I have set up thuderbird portable on a U3 usb flash drive and have sucessfully set up an account based on a new mailbox with my ISP. This works sucessfully on more than one computer.

What I would like to do now is to to set up thunderbird to send and recieve from a brand new yahoo account (domain:-- which I have been able to access via webmail and also by using outlook express.

Can anybody here tell me the settings to put into thunderbird please?
A "walkthrough" tutorial would be very welcome as I'm not as technically adept as some.

Thank you

Ryan McCue
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You need to get the Webmail extension and the Yahoo section. Next, use File » New » Account. Choose Web Mail and the rest should be straight forward.
Also, see the Webmail setup guide.
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