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A few suggestions + Linux friendly

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A few suggestions + Linux friendly

I've just started using the new Portable Apps Menu. Before, I was using PStart.

I can already see pros and cons with both of these, but I choose to go with PAM because its brand new, and as such, is more likely to be improved over time.

A few simple things, some of these may have been stated before, but this is what I came up with, so if these are dupes, forgive me, but notice that multiple people are asking for the same things.

First off, while the GUI of the menu looks nice, It's not great for performance, especially on older systems. There should be an option to use a simpler look and feel, similar to XP's start menu when the system's theme is set to Windows Classic (I'm not talking about the old-style menu here, just the Look & Feel)

And speaking of options, PAM should make use of a preferences file to store settings in, preferably in something easily editable, such as XML.

Also, as I (and i would imagine some of your other users) run Linux at home, there should be a way to install and set up PAM on alternate operating systems other than Windows. The first step (and the biggest change) would have to be some alternate packaging of the Apps themselves, such as a .zip or a .tar.gz that the user could simply extract into the Applications directory without having to run an .exe installer. The second half of this is allowing non-Windows users to configure the menu. Again, this is easy if the settings are stored in some sort of XML file, and I'd be happy to code a simple Linux GUI for configuring the settings file and menu.

I have to run, but if I think of anything else, I'll post it.