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XAMPP installation

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XAMPP installation


I tried to install through Menu launcher ("Install new app") but when I try to launch it can't. It gets errors from mysql and apache

I read documentation and it says that it musts go x:\xampp directory or else it will fails.

Then the problem is that the icons disappears from PortableApps menu launcher.

How can I Install it in x:\portableapps\xampp?

And i noticed that full xampp installation has size of 211mb but a size in disc of 429mb. Its too much, isnt it? Lite version goes 110mb/129mb, its ok.

Thank you very much.

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Install in root

Install it in the root. It's not in PAF format, so you can't install it in the menu's Installer. I'm gonna make an icon for the menu so you can see it in the menu, though.

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I am not sure if this is the reason for the discrepancy of the size on disk but i have seen this with other apps and data directories here at work.

I had to copy a folder from a server to my machine to up on another server later. This folder was only 72MB in size. Took it almost an hour and a half to copy the folder and not at a slow speed. When I got the properties of the folder it was 326MB on disk and contained over 40,000 files. I don't remember how many files off the top of my head but is was over 40k of them. You have to understand that a 1KB may only actually be 126 bytes but since the sector is parted out at roughly 64KB a sector and only one file can occupy a sector... You see the problem now? 126 bytes does not fill a 64KB sector. Windows will report the 126 bytes as a 1KB file that occupies a 64KB slot. Very much wasted space.

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