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Can receive but can't sent mail with Thunderbird

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Can receive but can't sent mail with Thunderbird

When ever I launch thunderbird with my U3 Stick at Any PC, There is no problem with receiving the Mails. However, once I try to sent a Mail, I always get an error as Follow: Sorry, laying denide from your location. Is there any who can help me ? Thank you very much. Suvantamee

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Your service provider that you're trying to send through doesn't allow you to send from your current location. Usually, for ISPs, you have to be connected through your ISP's network (via cable modem or dialed in) to be able to send through their servers. Better ISPs and most email and webhost providers allow you to send from anywhere if you authenticate.

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Can receive but can't sent mail with Thunderbird

I use Tiscalui as an ISP - they diallow sending except from home via their SMTP server - I get rounfd it by using Thunderbid at work to receive - then go online with firefox to Tiscali web mail and send from there - I can BCC myself to retain the message and file in a separate in box folder for tye purpose

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I use my GMail account for this purpose

I use the GMail SMTP servers to send mail from all my email accounts, that way it doesn't matter from where I'm connecting.

Just set up a gmail account, and after you've configured the POP/SMTP options according to gmail's instructions, go into your other email account settings in thunderbird set the to use the gmail smtp server. Your gmail logon credentials will be used to log into the server and send the mail, but the email will still have the correct email address listed in the 'from' field for replies.

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