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PrtableApps Menu

Hi All
Sorry if this should be somewhere else and I missed it. I have some thoughts or requests on this.

First, John's launcher is nice looking and fast! Thanks for your hard work on it!

Second, the beta fixes the dpi issues just fine, but when I use it on my tablet, the menu is partially off screen... I'm hoping the new version allows for some customization of size? My tablet is a Q1 and so the issue is its screen size (non-standard) and not the menu app itself.

Third, I read you will be able to choose which app exes you see, but I'm really hoping for shortcut support. Perfect example -I use a tiddlywiki as a task organizer I would love to run it with portable Firefox, but the only easy way to do this is with a shortcut or batch file, and the tiddlywiki file, being an html file, can not be put on the menu at all.

If not... maybe a spot or three for favorites? These could be a configurable command line thingee maybe?

And... any chance you folks would include
or a tiddlywiki in your next release?