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Thanks to this forum i've got a bit hooked on developing a website for use at the school where i teach. Using the portable NVU I've had an idea for helping kids to remember basic equipment - getting the cursor to change for different equipment each webpage. Quite a number are given in CursorMania.

example: a calculator


However, i'd like to be able to change back to the default cursor on exiting the website. I can see how to manually change it in CONTROL PANEL - MOUSE but would like to include it in the exiting page so i don't have parents complaining that i've changed their computers' cursor!!!! Cursor mania do provide a button on their website but i don't really want to provide a link back to that as it would mess up a page a little.

I'd be grateful for any links folk know off for animations and such as well. I'm new to this html coding but it's rather fun...

James [uk]