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Songbird Portable

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Songbird Portable

Songbird is not only a great media player, but also a very innovative music library. Why the need for a portable music library... are you serious? I thought a bunch of people were using their iPods as their portable drives so I can definitely see this as a useful program. The only problem with it is that the iPod device extension is not built in Sad I think this is only thing songbird is lacking, all music libraries should have built in synchronization and support the most popular devices (i.e., iPod). I am no programmer, but a master of mastering programs (Huh? Yea I made that up) and I can tell a good app when I see one. Songbird with iPod device extension would kick ass. Thanks for just hearing me out.

Please make this portable!

Again, here's the link:

P.S. Not that it's my business, but utorrent is already portable, why not just add it to the website?

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This has been discussed before. please be careful and do a search before you post
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