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Internet Explorer profile for FF 2.0

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Internet Explorer profile for FF 2.0

I work at a call center whose IT dept hate us being productive or secure. So we can't run firefox. But the IT dept is also inept so as long as I can make firefox look like IE (as I learned from I will be fine.
Please update this on how to install when using Portable Apps suite. And FF 2.0
A lot of interest in this at least in my building
- thanks

John T. Haller
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Support Dropped

The author dropped support for that extension before Firefox 1.5 was even released. None of it is being updated to 2.0 as no developers apparently had interest. This info is on that page you linked to.

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Ryan McCue
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Do what I do:

Download the 1.0.8 version from SourceForge and use it with that, but disable updates.
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Use this theme.

Use the theme Looks Familliar, It makes Firefox look like IE6 including the throbber.

here is the link

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I've got this working mostly perfect now..
Button pack pack
Use the IE profile from link on Johns Site
Use looks familiar from above link
Disable the splash screen

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