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PTB1.5 RC1 with Enigmail is asking to update

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PTB1.5 RC1 with Enigmail is asking to update

I have Portable TB1.5 RC1 with Enigmail and GPG installed in a USB Pen drive
and two mail accounts working fine.

The problem(?) is that PTB keeps asking to update to a new version PTB v1.5.
I select "not now" because i am not sure if it is safe to update PTB that way.
Could someone enlighten me?

BTW, is it safe to update Enigmail from Tools-->Extensions - [update now]?;
There is a new ver.093.2 of enigmail ready to go.;)


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Update It

The 1st try (the small patch) will fail.  The second attempt (7MB) after a restart will work as expected. TB will then be uncompressed and quite a bit bigger (8MB larger than before, I think). Be sure you have about 50MB space on your drive before doing it.

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