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My apology to the moderator/s

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My apology to the moderator/s

I apologize for my 3 posts which you deemed as self-promotion.

I am mistaken because I saw a link to a closed-source application. I admit I did not read your forum rules when I register.

It is my mistake and I am man enough to admit that I was wrong.

You may delete my posts which breached your rules.

For whatever its worth, I was trying to promote an individual’s right to privacy (Article12, U.N. Declaration of Human Rights) without sacrificing some non-altruistic interests.

Since most internet users do not know that all e-mails are archived (in perpetuity), I thought my app may be a pretty good idea to counter this alarming trend.

Since my free app is closed-source and portable, I now accept that this is not the right forum.

Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and your forum members.

We may be going in the same direction, but in different boats.

Best rgds.

Bryan Seecrets