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Using Fonts Installed

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Using Fonts Installed

Hi! I am on Windows 7. I downloaded because I want to install fonts on my work computer but it requires an admin password to do so.

I followed the directions found here but when I open Photoshop with also open, the newly installed fonts are not showing up. I also closed and restarted Portable Apps and PSP, but again, no new fonts. Any ideas?

Thank you!

John T. Haller
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Varies By App

It varies by app whether they will use fonts added by a 3rd party app using the AddFontResource gdi32 API but that are not 'installed' within Windows. Some apps like GIMP don't support it, so we've set GIMP Portable up to automatically use the fonts in the platform's font folder directly.

That said, I ran the platform with an oddball TTF font I know I don't have installed locally included in the PortableApps\\Data\Fonts folder and then fired up my local copy of Photoshop CS6. The font did appear in the list of selectable fonts when using the text tool, so it is working here.

What font are you trying to use and what version of Photoshop? Note that we can't support illegal 'portable' versions of Photoshop, of course (not implying that's what you're using, just adding this for completeness when others are reading this).

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