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Running slowly, wants permisson to access the Internet.

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Running slowly, wants permisson to access the Internet.

Hello everyone,

Over the last few days, LibreOffice Portable has been running slowly to the point where everything takes several seconds to operate. This includes

- Starting the program
- Typing (I can type a few words, then it will pause, and a few buttons will fsde out for a moment, then it will come back)
- Saving (takes about 10 seconds or so before it's ready)

I know Comodo Firewall has been constantly displaying a pop-up that soffice.bin wants access to the Internet. At first, I ignored it; I seen on an Avast forum thread ( that Avast seemed to change something in a software update they did in early March that pings any URLs within a LibreOffice document. Due to this, Comodo is always asking for access.

After a while, I decided to automatically allow the access, just to get the window off of my screen, especially since it was blocking the sidebar, clock, and other areas of the screen, plus it was freezing and unmovable. However, instead of solving the problem, LibreOffice was still as slow or slower than before I allowed access. It is still running very slowly today.

One thing I only realized a day or two ago was about where it is not recommended that you put LibreOffice on your Desktop. That's where I put it, under this structure: C:/Desktop/PortableAppsLaunch/PortableApps/LibreOfficePortable

Is that what is causing the trouble? I installed it there probably 7-8 months and had never had a problem until just a few days ago.

I noticed that KeePass Portable was giving me similar trouble in that Comodo kept asking for access, but when I uncheck the "Remember My Answer Option" at the bottom and just grant Internet access and modify registry keys each time, it seems to be functioning normally again.

I was tempted to uninstall LibreOffice and KeePass Portable from the PortableApps platform, then reinstall them. Would this solve the problem or not? I'm tempted now to only uninstall LibreOffice, as KeePass Portable seems to be back to normal. All the other portable apps I've tested: Google Chrome, World Clock, FileZilla, Feed Notifier, Sumatra PDF - they all seem fine and running normally as they always have. It's just LibreOffice Portable, and until recently, KeePass Portable.

I really need LibreOffice functional because I write and edit a lot of Word documents for my business and for clients, so I'd appreciate any helpful information and suggestions you can provide - thank you.

Take care,