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Compatability of addon Profilist for Portable

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Compatability of addon Profilist for Portable

Hi there,
I created an addon "Profilist" and people are asking me to support portable.

My addon creates new profile, renames, deletes, and switches profiles from the australis menu.

But profile handling in portable is a bit odd. There isn't even a profiles.ini file.

I saw the FirefoxPortable2ndProfile, which copies some basic stuff, so that was one approach but to keep things similar to release version I went with a profiles.ini approach.

So what I'm doing right now is creating a profiles.ini in the FirefoxPortable install folder. And then the default profile is the folder in "Data/profile" folder.

I make new profiles same was profile manager does, it creates a folder in this data folder and sets profiles.ini to this path.

The thing though is, on launch of firefox it looks for profiles.ini and i have to copy paste it temporarily to twhere firefox expects to find profiles.ini which is here:
var appExpectedProfilesPath = OS.Path.join(OS.Constants.Path.userApplicationDataDir, 'profiles.ini');

Then after firefox starts up I can delete that file.

But I'm wondering is this method I'm doing really portable?

If anyone can sit down and chat with me that would be really great I got some other details that I have some questions on. Like:
- i would like to go with a way that doesnt require me to copy profiles.ini to the expected path. because if user has firefox installed normally and was using portable it would overwrite their installed firefoxes profiles.ini
- is there a way to detect if the firefox is portable from my addon? (like with xpcom code?)