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Possible conflict FF 29.0.1 and anti-badstuff

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Wm ...
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Possible conflict FF 29.0.1 and anti-badstuff

I know what I've changed this morning (UK time)

updated to FF 29.0.1 from here
grabbed the new RegAlyzer from here but I don't think that is the problem

Problem perceived:

FF 29.0.1 running + ClamWin Portable produces system reboot
FF 29.0.1 running + Malwarebytes Free produces system reboot

ClamWin Portable + FF not running, fine
Malwarebytes Free + FF not running, fine

Conclusion: something in FF29.0.1, almost certainly not specific to PA, is conflicting with well known anti-badstuff and wasn't a few days ago, i.e. previously I could run FF + ClamWin + Malwarebytes simultaneously w/o problems.

This is a report not an accusation.

Anyone else found anything similar?

Added: OS is WinXP SP3 though not much has changed there recently for obvious reasons Smile

John T. Haller
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Software and Crashes

It's basically impossible for software to crash modern Windows on its own, so this is often due to graphics drivers. Most often, it's some embedded chipset in a laptop or similar that only has outdated builder drivers (drivers from the laptop company) and not the updated oem drivers (from the graphics company). I'd say whenever a browser 'crashes' windows... any browser... nearly ALL the time, it's due to bad graphics drivers. There once was an issue with really bad laptop graphics drivers from one company that Mozilla even coded around it in Firefox (decreasing performance) to prevent the crash. That was years ago, though, and I doubt those laptops are still in service.

If it's not that, look at other driver and hardware possibilities.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Wm ...
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Data point

It has just happened again. Saturday morning in the UK, I'm catching up on cooking progs. The co-incidence seems too stark. Almost certainly not a PA issue.


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