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Pidgin: Proxies

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Pidgin: Proxies

I cannot get GAIM to configure to my school's proxy, portable google talk and all of the other portable apps that I've tried can, but GAIM cannot, it has an http proxy without needing a login, but it won't work

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Careful about this...

Hey, realize this is a rather old thread but for those who look at this, many times you can get around this by changing what port each chat program uses. HOWEVER, be very careful when doing this, many times running your own programs at school is against the TOS/AUP (Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policy) and can get you in major trouble with the tech people at your school so make sure that you're very careful about knowing what is o.k. and what isn't when you're on a school computer. As I said I fixed that issue with mine by just changing ports.

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Change the port? to what?

Change the port? to what? the only active port i know of at my college is 8080 and thats the http port on, heck i have http login requests active and it still wont bloody work

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