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two ideas for help with Volunteer Program

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two ideas for help with Volunteer Program

I don't know if it has been asked before but there are two types of apps that would help out CERT or (Community Emergency Response Team). those are a emergency radio only app and a weather app because of the fact if a disaster hits CERT members will need to know if they are unaware

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Community ERT or Computer ERT ?

CERT is Computer Emergency Response Team to many people across the world.

Your use of CERT seems parochial by comparison.

I was hoping something useful was being proposed.

Radio apps are very hardware dependent ditto weather apps.

How is it going to help if I am caught in a storm in middle america with my USB stick in hand and an abandoned laptop with a few hours battery but no radio comms or internet connection?

Puzzled in Urp.


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Maybe if someone is in a

Maybe if someone is in a building with a laptop and they are trapped inside, but I don't see how this would be more practical than a simple telephone.

Don't get me wrong, I use my flash drive for everything; work, entertainment, it's even helped me overcome the limitations of my home PC, but I don't see how this would be practical in a real emergency.

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not just short-term emergency

I am a cert responder, and community emergency response teams are sometimes deployed over a longer period of time than say just 24 hours or a few days.

CERT has tons paperwork for during and afterwards which if you do have steady electricity or rechargable power source, typing into them and sending them off is great.

I think having portable apps on a pc that has electricty but nothing else could be useful for the responder as you don't know what office suite might be used there or if you have a huge variety of file formats to work through.

But the emergency radio is already a separate and self-powered item that you should already have. If you have internet connection you have other better real-time information access.

CERT, as Community ... is still very relevant and current. I've actually never heard of the Computer ... version. Smile Though as a techie I am probably often asked for help in that capacity! Blum

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what do you get if you google CERT ?

Edit: In case you are paranoid, I could just as easily have used NASA, NYSE, EURO or a whole lot of other acronyms known to many people rather than FBI in the example below.

it is sounding a bit like someone working for the FBI and going, "I've never heard of them, you mean, if I type FBI into google or another search engine it'll say what the letters mean? WOW!"

If we can get past this first simple step ...


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