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Mozilla Firefox how tow to watching TV?

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Mozilla Firefox how tow to watching TV?

Hi Guys, I want to watch live television on Mozilla Firefox but Silverlight or Flash Player, mozilla does not open channel. Wonder if you have any information?

I do not watch television channels here: ( )

Wm ...
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Speak to your government

There are many examples of the Turkish government attempting to limit access to the internet for citizens over the last year or so (it is close to an anniversary of a protest).

A portable app is not going to appear and be approved in the timescale you want.

I suggest you grab your flag and talk to people. Turkish people (or at least those I know) have proved themselves resilient in international communication, TV is not a requirement Smile

P.S. the negative in the previous post doesn't work the way it does in english if the poster is a native Turkish speaker. In english it would normally be "I can / may not ..."


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