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trading software - like ninjatader

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trading software - like ninjatader

On Linux the only option currently is to run MT4.
It is possible to go to VBox and Windows but many users of Linux will not take that security risk. (being attacked from within)

Your Portable solution is a huge step forward when combined with WINE+Linux.

As mentioned MT4 already works well.

1) NinjaTrader + data feeds
2) TradeStation + data feeds

- are just two - you are guaranteed to have people interested.

Wm ...
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Essentially commercial?

Surely these are essentially commercial products, i.e. you buy the feed and get the s/w for free ? If so shouldn't the people making money out of it make the PA version ?


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free version

Many have reoccurring demo - passwords.
MT4 is reoccuring on the app+feed is free.
Ninjatrader is on the datafeed. The app has a free mode.

With NinjaTrader -there is a free demo version that people spend alot of time on pefecting away from the real market.

Then there is the free version that you get if you trade with a particular broker

Then there is a registered version.

If you got the free version working as an app the user could then progress to the registered version by the registration process or reenable the free version until ready.
Sometimes having the software is not a problem.

TradeStation is bigger - options station , many modules.....maybe only 30 day trial.

Anyway there are others
CTrader is FX

Ken Herbert
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Couple of things

The license is important: If you have a specific app in mind that is either a) open source or b) true freeware (with a license that allows redistribution/modification or with us gaining permission from the developer) then please suggest it.

We can't make trialware (which is what the few of these I have looked at seem to be) portable in any legal way because it is against their license.

Creating apps from scratch: Apart from the PortableApps Platform and its utilities, we generally don't create apps from scratch, we usually just stick to making existing Windows software portable.

Some of us are developers outside of this website, but you are not likely to find someone willing to create such a complex app just because.

.NET apps: The PortableApps Launcher does not bundle any of the .NET framework runtimes (that would be illegal), and even if it did the .NET framework does not and cannot work on Linux, even with Wine.

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Not getting it

I have now looked at:


they are all, as far as I can see, restrictive in their licenses.

If I have missed something and any of them are freely available as an educational tool rather than a thinly veiled try-before-you-buy then you should check with them and get back to us as I am not against the idea.

QT5 is the odd one out and means
to me. Where does that join up with the above?


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