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2XClient no longer an official portable app?

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2XClient no longer an official portable app?

2X Client was available for download on their own website, in stead of this website. However, it is now behind a registration wall. The auto updater gives an error (404) file not found.

I think 2X abused to get people to use it and they're now harassing people into registering, paying, etc. Either way, it's not a free app anymore. Please stop supporting this annoying commercial effort by 2X and remove it from the portable apps.

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Site Update

I believe this was an oversight in their major site redesign they just did. The PAF is still available but does not include the version in the filename which is an issue with the updater/app store. I've messaged our contact at 2X. In the meantime, I've switched it to our freeware hosting so downloads and updates will continue to work as before.

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