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Regex examples

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Regex examples

I am using the latest version of Toucan. Works great, except I can't get the file include to work. I've searched for examples of regexes, but most questions seem to almost be *evaded*. ("I didn't understand your question..." "simple matching should work for that.").

Are there any examples of *working* regexes?

All I want to do is include files with an extension ".mp3" I've tried regexes, and it copies all files. I've tried simple .mp3 and it includes all files.

If this is supposed to work, examples would be nice.

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FWIW, I've tried all the

FWIW, I've tried all the meaningful approaches and it doesn't work for me too. I don't use regexes in my backups, so I haven't looked into that before.

Looks like a broken functionality/bug to me, which would require digging into the code and my development Windows VM has already passed the trial deadline, so it will be a whole new setup and I currently simply have no time for that (if you'd want to ask me if I'd like to look into this Smile

Community interest (including owner) in reviving Toucan turned out to be quite low, so I moved on and use the last version I released. It covers virtually all my needs in its current form and there are other interesting projects I'm running, so there's almost no motivation for me to continue updating the app Smile

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