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Sunbird: Where are data stored?

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Francisco Torres
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Sunbird: Where are data stored?

The program works fairly well, but I tried to move it to another computer by copying all the program directories and once there I had the disagreable surprise that it was empty, no data, no information, was shown and I lost all the information.

What did I made wrong, which file should I have taken with me to the new computer?

John T. Haller
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Please read the note on the app's homepage: "DISCONTINUED: Please note that Sunbird is no longer maintained by Mozilla and should not be used in a production or day-to-day environment. is making this final release available as a convenience to existing users and for testing purposes. Users should transition to using Thunderbird with the Lightning extension for their calendar needs. A guide on migrating is available here."

Mozilla Sunbird Portable should not be utilized any longer. Please use Thunderbird with the Lightning extension.

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