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launch from U3

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launch from U3

I just downloaded the openoffice suite. It's a great program even though I've used it for only a little bit. The thumbdrive I'm using has a U3 launcher. Can I directly access the openoffice programs from the U3 launcher? I tried using the manage program but I can't seem to move the openoffice programs at start up.

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search in this forum - there

search in this forum - there is a u3shortcut creator..

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Funny you should ask...

I just made one.

It's a U3 file that you add to your launcher's list. I have it set to 'run on insert' on my drive.

When run, it temporily sets your .ODT associations to the Portable installation on the same drive. Once removed (or Exited from the systray icon), it resets any associations.

I only have it set for .ODT (OpenOfficeWriter) but if there were demand, I could add Calc and Impress associations as well.

U3p file found below:

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