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uTorrent Portable Install Error

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uTorrent Portable Install Error

Hasn't worked in awhile for me. Every install gives me the following:

The downloaded copy of uTorrent is not valid and cannot be installed. Please try installing again.


Matches the provided fed6022e7e5c1a71de5c0d801a4b18a0 on the utorrent page. I uninstalled my old uTorrent portable, but the install issue still remains.

Trying to get the install directly from the App Store fails with the same message as well.

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It needs to download uTorrent.exe as part of the install process. When it can't, you'll see that message. The installer uses the Windows internet components to handle the download using the same configuration that Internet Explorer uses. If it's being blocked by a software or corporate/university firewall, that's the message you'll see.

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