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SOLVED - Thunderbird not sending email from one account

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SOLVED - Thunderbird not sending email from one account


I've just added another aol account, newly created, to Tbird. The account works when used in a browser, ie FfxPortable. But when I send emails from Tbird, I always get an error message.

I've spoken to AOL and they just said to remove and recreate the account in Tbird, which I did, but it still won't send anything.
I also got error whilst Tbird tried saving Draft.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Just found out I can copy the error text, so here it is:

An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: 5.7.1 : Sender address rejected: not owned by user *****. Please check the message recipient ********** and try again.

Draft seems to work now, so just sending isn't working.
Also, even though this account is at the top of the accounts list, which automatically sets it to the default account, when creating new mail, my old account is still default???

I found the answer indirectly using Mozilla support. In the Outgoing Server settings, Username was set to ***** instead of ***** Simply put, I added to the Username and it worked. I was asked to confirm Password on sending my first email, but I checked the box to Save the password using Password Manager.