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360 Browser Portable Dev Test 1

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360 Browser Portable Dev Test 1

Application: 360 Browser
Category: Internet

  • Secure Surfing & Download
    Filter anti-phishing and malicious URL while browsing and scan downloaded file for malware.
  • Ad Filter
    Hide unwanted advertisements to emphasize web contents.
  • Tab Search
    Switch between numerous active tabs or open new desired tabs by entering keywords in address bar. Additionally, preface your keyword with @ to search among open tabs only.
  • Dual Engine
    Powered by Webkit and IE web engines, 360 Browser optimizes the best webpage experience for you.

(Source: Homepage)

Download 360BrowserPortable Dev Test 1 English [ 43.8MB download / 140.2MB installed]
(MD5: 536c8df6133393dd7afc63c5e241f7ab)

Project on GitHub / SourceForge

Release Notes: Dev Test 1 (2014-07-29): Initial release

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The Wiki article on 360 browser is less than flattering. Which caused me to dig a little deeper.

After some Googling, I found that it's sister product "360 anti-virus" is considered as malware by numerous sources. The reviews for 360 browser were often just as unflattering.


It amazes me that on the internet you can be anything you want, and yet so many people still choose to be idiots.

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