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mmex (moneymanagerex) is trying to access the internet after updated version

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mmex (moneymanagerex) is trying to access the internet after updated version

today after portableapps indicated a new version of moneymanagerex (mmex) the software attempted to access the internet. My firewall caught this activity. I have been using this for years and assumed it was safe. Can someone please check in to this. I hope this program is secure and the authors are not data mining with it from the version here on portableapps. Thanks.

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could be a number of innocent things

Tools / Options / Network / clear everything & turn off usage stats if you are really bothered

Tools / Options / Others / blank the stock quotes

are the obvious places to start.

I haven't noticed any bad behavior with v 1.1.0 so I haven't tried any of the above.

I'm guessing your fw (or your setting of it) is being hyperactive as usage stats are a preferential thing and if you don't need stock prices it makes sense not to ask for them, etc.

Did your fw see anything that looked bad rather than yelling "look at me! i'm your fw! hey, look at me!" which fw's have a tendency to do Smile


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