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Adding second copy of an app to suite

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Adding second copy of an app to suite

I have tried to 'add' an extra copy of ffportable to the Portable Application Suite.

That seemed to work OK, but I need to distinguish between the 2 copies.
I have added my main FF with all the extensions installed and want to add a 'Lite' copy which is essentially the Portable FF as issued.

I have renamed the folder as FirefoxPortableLite, but both copies show up on the launcher as Firefox. I can launch either from there but what I want to do is to rename one copy as say Firefox Portable Lite. Is this possible, and if so how/where do I have to make the changes to achieve this?

Any ideas?

Thanks for looking.

John T. Haller
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Coming soon

As with the ability to select EXEs, add categorization, etc... this is coming in a later release. The priorities are:

1. Finish bug fixes for Win2K, 120dpi so it works out of the box for everyone
2. Finish support for the full Portable Apps Format (which will allow changing of icons, names and EXEs in a slightly round-about way)
3. Localization without any recompilation through INI-like .locale files (format to be posted this week)
4. Support for renaming entries and changing icons within the menu with a right-click
5. Categories.

I'll post a new entry with the plan soon

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