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Ditto Portable data handling

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Ditto Portable data handling

Just Curios:
While examining Ditto Portable from the PA-Directory vs. the portable version from the author itself I realized that the PA-Version always deletes the ditto.settings ditto.db from the app directory after I closed.

Why does it do this? Would there be a problem leaving these files on the stick without relocating them?

I mean if my PC crashes the database isn't updated with newest entries.

Please enlighten me.

John T. Haller
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Moves On Stick, Not to PC

It moves them between App and Data. That way you can easily backup all your app's settings without having to take the hour or two to backup all your apps themselves. That's why all the PA.c Format apps are required to keep all their settings, etc within the AppNamePortable\Data directory. In a crash, they're just left in App. The launcher will realize it on next run and move them back.

If Ditto provided a command line so we could point it to its settings like Firefox and other apps do, we wouldn't need to move them at all. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Or, at least, it didn't the last time I looked at it.

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