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SQLiteDatabaseBrowsePortable update has been broken for some time now

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SQLiteDatabaseBrowsePortable update has been broken for some time now

For over a month or so now, the program shows the update is available for SQLite Database Browse and yet no matter what, it always come back with a "Download Error: Redirection (301) on file error (see attached) and never completes, anyone know what is going on here and when it will be fixed?

John T. Haller
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Working Fine Here, Some Possibilities

It's working just fine here. The file is there and it's being redirected to properly by the download counter. The link is the same as when you click the Download button on the app homepage here:

All external download links go through the same redirector, so it's used for LibreOffice (their own mirror network), AIMP (our freeware server), TeamViewer (publisher's server), Task Coach (their SF project), etc as well. Are you able to download those files?

Generally, this indicates a configuration issue on the host PC. Specifically either the Windows internet components are having a problem, or a software firewall/antivirus is interfering. Be sure the PC is fully upgraded and that Internet Explorer is able to visit the app homepage and download the file (IE also uses the same components). If it still fails, try temporarily disabling antivirus and see if that affects the download.

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