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Badge "BetaTesters"

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Badge "BetaTesters"

@John, ...
Did you can made a "BetaTesters" badge ?

John T. Haller
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Too Many

There are thousands of people on the beta channel testing, so there are too many to badge. It isn't quite like beta testing is a regular, ongoing thing like localizations where a contributed person's work is credited.

I'd like to have a dev/beta team to help test and get apps through the process, but that still hasn't taken hold.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Gord Caswell
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After 12.0

Regarding a Dev team: once 12.0 is in the wild, I'd be happy to chat with you (irc/Skype/hangout) about what you envision that team doing.

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