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[Fixed] Solfege Portable : Features that require Csound not functioning [Fix(es) included]

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[Fixed] Solfege Portable : Features that require Csound not functioning [Fix(es) included]

Solfege Portable's "Intonation" feature does not function.
This is due first to Solfege not being able to find the Csound binary, and once that is fixed it also needs a DLL to be un-UPX'd:

  • The 'Launcher.ini' sets the csound key's value to the CSound directory, this should instead point to the EXE. i.e.

  • The second issue is that even once the EXE is being called it has an issue with libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll, which appears to be caused by the UPX compression that has been applied to it as I was able to run it (and hear the intended sounds) after I had run FreeUPX's "DECOMPRESS" function on it.

And on a less important tangent Csound's own website(s) & documentation refers to it as Csound rather than CSound, so (despite the fact that Solfege's UI calls it CSound) I would think we should rename the CSound directory to Csound.

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Fixed in 3.22.2 Rev 2

This is fixed in 3.22.2 Rev 2

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