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A few suggestions for the Apps suite and menu.

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A few suggestions for the Apps suite and menu.

Few suggestions

1. Make a way to integrate the app's functions, for example if you are opening media in Firefox and if the user has VLC portable in the menu give an option to launch it in VLC or open text or documents in AbiWord Portable or OpenOffice Writer Portable, or have downloads downloaded by Firefox or Wackget portable scanned by ClamWin AV portable.

2. Give a way to eject the drive safely from within the menu.

3. Give the menu it's own drive searching feature, not have it launch the windows search feature.

4. Give the menu's option more rich features that would be useful to the user and drive like an option to change the drive's ID or built-in encryption.

5. Make an app that makes files ( including stuff from the host computer) launch with apps from the menu, and have that app integrate with the menu.

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Excellent look. I like it.

Excellent look. I like it. But i do not PortableApps Menu scan my folders, I want to add application in menu myself Sad PStart.

Please fix it. I want to use PortableApps Menu...


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these functions will follow in a new release soon.

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