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THandbrake (Formerly Smallx264)

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THandbrake (Formerly Smallx264)


I came along and found an Program Called Thandbrake. and BTW which it uses the Gui from Handbrake Command Line Interface. It's both 32-bit and 64-bit. and oddly enough it does have a portable version on the page.

Last I checked from It's source code. It is written in Delphi!

I perfer THandbrake over handbrake mainly because Batch converting videos is a lot easier to use. Than it was with Handbrake. and it uses the presets in a custom profile.

It is not as popular as Handbrake though.

Program: THandbrake
License: Open Source/GPL
Description: THandBrake is a batch GUI for Handbrake. You can use existing profiles or create new ones. Program has features like preview, start-end time option, specifying file size, selection between audio tracks, several filters and cropping (manual or auto).

This project used to be called Smallx264.