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Customizing for Accessibility

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Customizing for Accessibility


I used Platform when it was first released and now I am once again.
It's very well done and excellent work.

This is either a feature request or an "is this currently possible" thing.

Is it possible to increase the global font size (I do already have Use Larger Fonts enabled)?
How about the font family? Can that be changed?
And what about the icon sizes for apps?

As far as the font settings, the only place that I could think to look was in PATheme.ini but I'm suspecting that this would be somewhere deeper in the source code.

I'm assuming that fixed dimensions are used for the UI so I understand that there might either be limitations or maybe issues with using larger font and icons sizes but I'm sure that something could be worked out.
I didn't see FadeMenu=False in the PortableAppsMenu.ini and I don't know if that expanded the width of the apps list, but that could be helpful for allowing more space for larger fonts and icons.

For me personally, I'm bringing all of this up out of accessibility needs and perhaps it would be helpful to others without perfect visual acuity, but it could also be helpful for individuals with wide screens and/or high resolution settings.

The Firefox add-on Theme & Font Size Changer ( is my concept and it remains popular and it's worth working on because it addresses the needs of more than one group and I believe that providing these options in the Platform would do the same. Smile

Perhaps an easier to implement idea or that would require less maintenance would be a HiDPI theme for everything. But that wouldn't offer the same flexibility and customization options for users.

I know nothing about Delphi (I believe that's what you're using) but I would gladly help out in any way that I could.

Thanks for your time and your work.