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Portable Chrome less portable

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Portable Chrome less portable

Since today (11 September), I am unable to set the home page in Portable Chrome. It's defaulting to the "administrator settings", which requires a particular local homepage.

This doesn't seem very portable. I thought portable apps were meant to have very limited footprint on the system they're running on. Plus I usually use about:blank as a homepage because it's faster to load.

John T. Haller
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By Design Because of Chrome

Google designed Chrome to allow an administrator to set a homepage globally on a given system with a registry key. They also designed it so you can't override that setting without changing the registry key, which you won't have access to if you aren't an admin. If your office or university has enabled this setting on a given computer, you're stuck using it. This is the way Chrome is purposefully designed. If you'd like this adjusted, you'll either need to get your work/school to change the setting, or get Google to change the way Chrome works.

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