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Skypeportable 6.2 not running on older machine

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Skypeportable 6.2 not running on older machine

Upgraded from skype 4.something to 6.2 (today) as the older skype versions don't seem to work/login anymore. (maybe a chinese firewall thing, i live there?)
Anyway on my newer laptop 6.2 works fine, on my older 11 years old lenovo i get: Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (Kernel32.dll)

on startup, says it's a fatal error. end of skype on my desktop?

John T. Haller
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Win2k or win xp sp2

I'd wager it's running win2k or win xp sp2 by the error. Skype requires win xp sp3 at a minimum.

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