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Can't Log Into The Site - Anyone Have Contact

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Can't Log Into The Site - Anyone Have Contact

I don't know where else to go to get information. There isn't a "help" like link on the page. The "Contact Us" link leads to corporate type addresses.

I last accessed my account on late March this year. Now when I try to log in using email address (username) and password. I get the error:

"Username may contain only English letters, numbers and ./-/_ characters."

After getting this I thought I may have the wrong username and forgot to record it. I used the "I forgot my username." link and found I was using the correct username (my email address).

I then thought, maybe I was using the wrong password. So I used the "My password isn't working." link and had a reset e-mailed to me. Reset my password. No joy same error persists.

Is anyone having the same problem? Does anyone know who to contact regarding the accounts.

Taking a shot in the dark, thanks for reading,