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YaCy - web search engine for anonymous search

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YaCy - web search engine for anonymous search

YaCy is a distributed Web Crawler and Web Search Engine without a central server and no censoring possibility. It's a P2P-based index exchange network based on distributed hash tables.
Explicit Web crawls can be done locally or collaboratively, forming a global search and distributed indexing engine for the Web. It also provides a bookmark system, individual Web/servlet page hosting, and a personal file-sharing zone. It is easy to install and has its own database engine.

- This is your web search engine for freedom of information: search requests are anonymous, independend and uncensored
- No central server, no storage of user behaviour
- Set up your own search portal
- Use YaCy to provide a search function for your own web pages
- Host web pages with the built-in http-server

Web site:
Download installer:
installer size: 37,6 MB
ver.: 1.8
License: GPL and open source
Source code:
warning: when You start program wait some moments