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Tor Browser


Tor Browser installed version 4 and I can not get the portable apps platform presents the corresponding icon

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Container Directory

Just take the contents of the Browser directory and move them to the Tor Browser directory. The latter is a container directory that only contains a shortcut for some reason.

Keep in mind that Tor Browser is still using a rebranded Firefox (not properly recompiled and renamed) so it runs as firefox.exe and will interfere with Firefox Portable.

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thanks for the reply, but I

thanks for the reply, but I can create a bat file (compiled to exe) to be accessed by TorBrowser portableapps platform? how can I do?

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why so complicated?


the link is just pointing to the firefox.exe in next folder.

Just move all contents of the browser folder to the main folder and all is done.
Have just tested, it works.

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same problème

I am having the same problem since Tor 4.0 release.
It used to be convenient and simple to instal and run Tor Browser Bundle under PortableApps. Tor updates quite frequently and it was already a manual process to upgrade it every time it updates.

I note John's solution and will test it, but it is extra inconvenience in addition to a careful manual instal of each Tor update.

I have just e-mailed a request to Tor to see if they can revert to supplying a "Start Tor Browser" program in place of, or in addition to, the link they now supply of that name.

Thank you

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