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[Fixed] Inkscape Portable 0.48.5-1 leaves a file behind

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[Fixed] Inkscape Portable 0.48.5-1 leaves a file behind

Inkscape Portable 0.48.5-1 (InkscapePortable 0.48.5-1) left file in the LocalAppData folder. I found that out from monitoring it with Regshot. How to fix that? There is no nsh setting file included with this release.

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[Edited] This thread needed a more descriptive title; What file?

Thanks, with the new title I can now tell what this thread is about before I actually open it, and it also shows up in the Open Bug Reports list.

Is there any chance you could tell us what exactly is being left behind for you?


Gord Caswell
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recently-used.xbel left in %LOCALAPPDATA%

recently-used.xbel is left in %LOCALAPPDATA%. I've submitted a patch to the Inkscape Team to fix the problem:

For now, you can fix the problem yourself by adding the lines below to App/Appinfo/Launcher/InkscapePortable.ini:

John T. Haller
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Fixed in 0.92

This is fixed in today's release of Inkscape Portable 0.92

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