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Veracrypt: a successor to TrueCrypt

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Veracrypt: a successor to TrueCrypt

Veracrypt is an Open Source successor to/fork of the now-defunct TrueCrypt. Its Sourceforge page is the following:
Since TrueCrypt was abandoned by its developers, there has been a pressing need, especially on Windows boxes, for a maintained replacement.

VeraCrypt is developed under the Microsoft Public License, which was chosen for its compatability with the original TrueCrypt license. Linux versions are also available. At present VeraCrypt is not backwards compatible with TrueCrypt 7.1. It is, however, more secure in that it uses much higher iteration counts (one of the principal security audit concerns concerning TrueCrypt) to defend against brute force attacks that technological advances have made far faster and cheaper. A good discussion of VeraCrypt (with several uninformed, ad hominen attacks adroitly defused by a VC developer) can be found at

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I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think the original TrueCrypt license permits relicensing under the MsPL (or anything else, really), which is one of the reasons why the project can't really continue in a legally usable fashion. I'm also not a big fan of the MsPL because its sole reason for being was to have an viral open source license that breaks GPL compatibility.

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and why ?

even if we forget the legal stuff people will still have to decide for themselves how much their data needs to be secured.

I, for instance, don't have anything illegal to hide, that is probably true for most people.

I acknowledge whistle-blowing, etc.

So, realistically, I just use TrueCrypt as was for my minor needs and don't really understand why anyone should need anything more from PA.

To make this clear: IF someone has real privacy needs WHY do they expect PA to fulfill that need ?


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If you have real privacy needs, you need hardware encryption

The funny thing about what you said there is that in actuality does supply a solution for people who have "real privacy needs". It's called the " Carbide" and has 'real' encryption built right into the hardware itself.

So if you have 'real' privacy needs, and want to fulfil them, then buy a Carbide drive from the Hardware page.
Just don't forget your password, 'cause then it's all gone.
(of course the drive will be usable again once you go through the proper procedure, but all data [files, folders, apps, etc.] is truly encrypted and when the password is lost, it becomes unrecoverable)


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VeraCrypt has been re-licensed under Apache 2.0 since Jun 28, 2015.

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