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Wanted: Samsung Sidesync

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Wanted: Samsung Sidesync

Hi all,

Sidesync is a good tool, and I do not have admin right with my company laptop, so could anyone create a portableapp for this program?


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Portable SideSync must be done.

Ken Herbert
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Very unlikely to happen, sorry

A few reasons why this is unlikely to ever be added to PortableApps:

  • We would require Samsung's permission to bundle it. Getting their permission is highly unlikely.
  • Recommends at least 500Mb of space - this would make for an incredibly huge portable app.
  • It requires additional software installed to run (Windows Media Feature Pack), which is not open source, so we can't bundle it without Microsoft's permission which is even less likely than permission from Samsung.
  • Looking at the actual functionality of the program, it possibly still requires admin permissions just to run which makes it even less portable and would not even fit the original asker's use case.
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