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Get More Apps not showing all available apps

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Get More Apps not showing all available apps

This is what I get => for every options I click on Get More Apps menu. Same view, same list of apps.

I put all my PortableApps in an encrypted VHD. It still normal after I encrypted the VHD, but after a while I get this problem. I try to reinstall all the apps and the platform it self, but nothing change, I still get the same result.

I don't know if this bug or what, please help. Thank you.

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What apps do you currently have installed?
If you left click to selct and app does it install?

Are you looking for an app specifically?

More details please as to what exactly is occurring?

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Last seen: 4 years 6 months ago
Joined: 2014-12-05 08:12
TLDR; Solved.

TLDR; My problem has been solved. Still, thank you for the reply.

After I wrote the thread, I try again from scratch. Deleting vhd, cleaning all temp files & folders and any other data paf or other portable apps leave behind. Fresh install the platform.

At first, when I click every option on Get More Apps menu, it still present me with same problem (apps only show few, like image above). But then I try to install 1 random apps. The second time I click any of Get More Apps option, it back to normal. It show every available apps, minus the one already installed.

I think there was something PAF doesn't read properly and it had to be triggered by installing any apps so it can back to normal behaviour. Weird.


Below is the answer to vf2nsr question and the state before I do what I've said above:
1. Installed apps: notepad++, notepad2-mod, 2048, sudoku, tick5, pencil, photofiltre, pngoptimizer, filezilla, chrome, firefox, pidgin, putty, transmission-qt, audacity, freac, mpchc, taudioconverter, libreoffice, pdftk-builder, eraser, keepass, pwgen, antrenamer, rufus, shortcut search & replace, texter, windirstat, winmd5sum. And all run normally.
2. I don't try it. I think it should installed normally and make the problem disappear. (see my expalation above).
3. Yes, it listed on website but no on Get More Apps (only few of it).

I barely used the platform launcher, only for installing & updating apps. Always execute the individual app launcher directly. And then this problem suddenly happened. I'm also confused, I don't know how to explain, I have no clue at all what cause it. So, whatever option I click, either By Category, By Title, New Releases or Recently Updated on Get More Apps option, I always get the same result & presentation (exactly like image above). Very few/limited selection of apps. The problem persist even I close & reopening the platform launcher.

Grammatically bad, I hope you all understand.

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