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Firefox 34 seriously bugged

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Firefox 34 seriously bugged

I cannot click on the browser tabs to select the window.

Nor can none of the tabs be closed.

I am using it on Windows 8.1

This is making it utterly useless.

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No Problem here. I'm using

No Problem here. I'm using Win 8.1, too.
Both versions, portable and local, work as before.
To help, we need more information.
If it is a problem of firefox itself, you should ask the folks at mozilla, as only does the packaging as a portable app and cannot deal with bugs in the base app.
There are some people here, that do know firefox very well, though, so you might get help nonetheless. Wink

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Incompatible extension?

This could be caused by an extension. Try disabling them all (or try 'safe mode' by holding shift while starting Firefox) to see if it works better without them, then if it is an extension enable them one at a time (or in memorable groups) till you figure out what specifically is causing your issue.

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Had a similar issue on desktop version was in FB, Gmail, OWA, Pandora and Pogo suddenly everything went unresponsive

Then got an error report about a Shockwave flash plugin not responding? Task manager to close FF and all good again....Definitely agree see if it works in private mode as my guess is extension

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Flash warning

I'm getting an (almost certainly spurious) warning about Flash being out of date when trying to view news clips from the BBC. I have checked and I have the latest Flash. Doubt it is PA specific though so I'm just mentioning it.


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Fine Here

It's just fine here on Windows 8.1 both local and portable as well.

More than likely, it's a tab 'enhancement' extension again. These break all the time.

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