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Terminal Vim in gVimPortable

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Terminal Vim in gVimPortable

I've installed gVim and ConEmu's PAF version (and Take Command). I would like to start vim.exe with the portable environment from ConEmu, however, when I run vim, it will look in my local home folder for vim files which unfortunately I also happen to have them.

I can pass parameters to gvim through gVimPortable.exe, but there is only a -g parameter, which starts in GUI mode.

I tried to search for a solution on the matter, however it wasn't very successful.

Perhaps, if there is a possibility to start directly vim.exe with the proper environment set, and put the commands in a batch file?

Wm ...
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many things at once

I may be wrong but I think you are trying to do many things at the same time.

if gVim works alone but fails with ConEmu's addition then you know where to seek your solution.


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