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FirefoxPortable.exe is growing while in use

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FirefoxPortable.exe is growing while in use

After installation the size of the FirefoxPortable.exe is 211kb. When it has been in use for some time, the size grows up to 290kb until it won't open anymore and an error pops up accusing an improper configuration. I make renamed copies of the original exe and replace the corrupt one from time to time. Does anyone have an explanation what is happening here?

Thanks Alexander

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don't panic, but .....

.... I suspect something on your computer is doing something to your FirefoxPortable.exe.

I think you're the first person to mention this problem plus I use FirefoxPortable daily and my copy of FirefoxPortable.exe is unchanged in size, so my (poor?) guess is that this is not something PortableApps/FirefoxPortable.exe is doing.

At a guess, it would either be a over-enthusiastic security program (unlikely?) or something malicious (virus/malware/etc?)

Is it only FirefoxPortable.exe that is being affected?

Hopefully I'm wrong, but it (probably) wouldn't hurt to run some scans on your computer for malicious stuff (including rootkits?).

Preferable something that can boot and run from it's own disk (CD/DVD) or USB.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough to recommend any programs, but I suspect someone will be along shortly with some suggestions.

Good Luck.

John T. Haller
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Should *NEVER* change

The size of the FirefoxPortable.exe file should never change on disk. It's also digitally signed and has a self check to ensure it isn't tampered with. If it has been tampered with, it should refuse to run. If it's being modified, it's highly likely there is an infection on your system. Do a full scan with a decent commercial antivirus as soon as you can.

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